who we are


carly : 

 A lifelong devotion and committed intention to share our knowledge of the human form to inspire others to take care of themselves and the community we live in. We want people to realise the wonder of their bodies, their minds and their innate ability to deepen their insight. Having the fortune to work with some amazing practitioners gaining experience and functional knowledge of anatomy, physiology, postural and biomechanical assessment, biodynamic and sustainable nutrition, remedial bodywork and myofacial release, prophylactic taping, electrotherapy and exercise prescription focusing on the prevention and rehabilitation of the body and the mind. Wow, that's a lot of stuff!
With a twinkle of eccentricity, an air of inner calm and, some might describe as, refreshing and open-minded views on the ways that we live our lives, we'll get you right as rain in no time.

help yourself with us...

Aches, pains, pre-surgery, post surgery, too long sitting at a desk, pre and post natal, want to get to the bottom of what is causing the pain, delve a little deeper, refresh a tired yoga practice, or start incorporating spirituality in your life, want to let go, want to move forward?