THIS is what we do - all of the juicy details....

Everyone is completely different therefore we are all completely incomparible. We need our own specific programs to improve our health and wellbeing depending on how we are motivated and what we want to achieve. Some of us may be slow and kaphic, some fast and firey so we need to not only find ways to balance us but make sure we're making the most of the time we spend looking ater ourselves so that we can continueto look after our loved ones. We'll make a combo platter out of all of the skills below and merge them to create the ultimate program for you. We've called it the KulaHub.


  • injury assessment
  • re & prehab
  • intuitive massage & bodywork
  • 'kore blimey' pilates
  • ​​​'kula' yoga
  • ​'sherwood technique'
  • 'arbonne'  nutritional wellbeing
  • neuromuscular taping
  • ​meditiation and breathwork