'sherwood technique':

I cannot thank Dr Paul Sherwood for transferring just a little bit of his knowledge to me while working at his Devonshire Place clinic. An absolutely revolutionary treatment of back pain and so many other conditions of the body.

The idea is that if we can release the tension around the muscles of the spine, we can get the blood flowing and therefore ensure that the nerves are working optimally. A truely holistic view of back treatment incorporating the better functioning of the muscular, lymphatic and nervous systems.

​The Sherwood Technique - this unique treatment works holistically with four systems of the body, the muscles, the lymphatic system, the circulatory system and the nervous system. It was developed through years of experience by the late Dr Paul Sherwood, a pioneering orthopaedic Doctor in his clinic near London’s Harley Street.
The theory behind the practice involves the idea that the facet joints between each vertebrae in the spine become bruised from incorrect use or trauma. The muscular system in the back then goes into a protective spasm to try to stop the facet joints from becoming more damaged but this actually causes the joints to become more compressed and therefore accentuates the problem. Reduced fluid movement through the back causes back pain and less than optimal functioning of the nerves connected to the spinal cord.
The technique uses a combination of gentle anti-spasm massage of the muscles either side of the spine followed by micro-adjustments of the vertebrae using a Thera-flex machine, freeing up the facet joints. Ultrasound therapy is then used to reduce the fluid build up, then electrical stimulation in the form of Faradism is applied to activate then relax the muscles, allowing the fluid to be pumped through, cold therapy can then be used to ensure that the treatment hasn’t caused a pooling of the fluid allowing the nerve roots to function in an environment free from toxins therefore improving the health of all systems in the body.

because of the nature of the technique, the treatment plan requires time and financial commitment as follows: 
£300 in advance for the first 5 60 minute sessions to be scheduled twice weeky
£60 for each 60 minute session after the initial 5
if after 10 sessions, you feel you need further treatment with me, it will be free of charge