intuitive massage & bodywork:

i've been massaging people for over 10 years...thats a lot of massage, and a lot of bodies! but none of us ever stop learning.

i use a range of movement tests to assess injuries and postural imbalances giving the basis to build a multi disciplined program. 

from release of a specific area to looking at the body and mind holistically, I'm able to reduce your aches and pains whether they are resulting from a postural inbalance, an old or perhaps a more recent injury.

what to expect from a session

i'll look at doing a quick postural and biomechanical assessment to see what's going on and find the cause of the pain, then we'll work to release these tight areas with a selection of techniques from lond, deep strokes to lengthen and sooth the muscles, trigger point therapy to cut pattens of tension, myofacial release.

I use a number of soft tissue techniques such as:
myofascial release (using long slow movements to release deep rooted tension and adhesions in the fascial connective sheath that runs through the body)
effluage (long sweeping movements in the direction of lymphatic flow to help flush out the bodies main detoxification system, reducing fluid retention and creating a clean environment for the body to work more efficiently)
deep kneading (strong deep pressure along the muscle length to reduce spasm and release tension)
trigger point therapy (firmly pressing on the ’trigger points’ created by tension in the body, causing the muscles to relax)
deep friction (small cross fibre techniques to stimulate the bodies healing process on areas of sub-acute inflammation and chronic scar tissue formation) 

book for 90 minutes and we can either provide pure sports massage or incorporate indian head massage and thai techniques as well as add this to your KulaHub program